Who Killed Romeo And Juliet Essay

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While reading Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Fate has been brought up many times.

Many characters, even the pair of lovers themselves have acknowledged Fate’s cruel ploy. It’s as if Romeo has a special relationship with Fate, he is the only one with this bizarre star-talking habit.

Romeo and Juliet's story begins in the streets of Verona.

Members of two feuding families, the Montagues and Capulets, are in the midst of a brawl.

On a few occasions, Romeo speaks about Fate, and even to Fate himself.

I believe that Romeo has a special relationship with Fate as the other characters do not.After all of this, Juliet could not take it and she decided she had to be with him, no matter what.She spoke to Friar Lawrence, and the Friar gave her a potion to fake death until Romeo comes back to retrieve her.The idea of fate permeates many of the events and speeches in the play.Romeo and Juliet see omens throughout the play, continually reminding the audience that the outcome will not be a happy one.A few days later, in another street brawl, a Capulet kills Romeo's dear friend Mercutio, and Romeo, enraged, in turn, kills the Capulet. Meanwhile, however, friends help him and Juliet to spend their wedding night together.After Romeo leaves the next morning, Juliet is counseled to drink a potion that will make her appear to be dead.By understanding the theme of fate and exploring the question of free will, modern readers still find the play challenging and intriguing. Fate is the definitive trouble causing factor in the play Romeo and Juliet.After she is "laid to rest," Romeo will rescue her from the crypt and they will live together in another city. The story of Romeo and Juliet asks the question "are our lives and destinies preordained?Juliet drinks the potion, but because Romeo doesn't learn of the plot, he believes she is really dead. " While it is possible to see the play as a series of coincidences, bad luck, and bad decisions, most scholars see the story as an unfolding of events predetermined by fate.


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