Which Organelle Synthesises The Phospholipids That Form The Plasma Membrane

Which Organelle Synthesises The Phospholipids That Form The Plasma Membrane-73
- The smooth ER is named so because it lacks a ribosome on its surface.As a result, it is more smooth in appearance as compared to the rough ER. phospholipids) and carbohydrates that are used to build the cell membrane.The cell wall also serves as a filter that controls the movement of molecules in and out of the cell.- is also not considered as an organelle in some books. Cell cytoplasm is composed of protoplasm in which all the other cell organelles are suspended.

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Also known as the powerhouse, mitochondria play an important role in respiration where they generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from substrates in the presence of oxygen.

Using their DNA, mitochondria are able to encode for some of the components they require to perform their functions.

Like some of the other organelles found in eukaryotes, ER is enclosed in a membrane.

The ER is divided into two regions that vary in structure and function.

The cell wall surrounds the cell membrane and serves to strengthen and protect the cell.

For instance, in the cells of plant roots, the cell wall protects the cell as they grow deeper in the soil.

They protect the cell from external influences, organize the interior in distinct compartments and allow balanced flux of components.

Besides their specific proteome, organelles exhibit unique lipid compositions, which influence their shape, physical properties, and function.

On the other hand, the rough ER is involved in the production of antibodies, insulin as well as transportation of proteins into the smooth ER.

A lysosome is commonly referred to as sacs of enzymes.


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