Wedding Planning Business Cards

These are the first business cards for Bonnie Marie, owner of Perfect Wedding Italy. MOO is a fabulous online business stationary website where you can design your business cards on their easy-to-use platform and have them mailed to your doorstep, usually within 72 hours.

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This may include helping pick clothing for all parties, creating thematic decorations and décor, picking a wedding cake, handling photography and video, and more.

This business is good for those who thrive on interactions with new people.

While there are certifications for things like wedding planning, they offer little to no practical, real-world experience.

One of the most exciting aspects of a wedding planning is that many planners start by working out of their own homes.

The growth potential for a wedding planning business is steady, though there can be variances according to region and time of year.

Overall, though, about 6,200 weddings happen each day, and many of them are getting married for a second (or even third) time, so the market is steady.On the most basic level, a wedding planning business makes money by charging money for the planning and execution of the wedding itself.However, there is great flexibility in how you charge customers.Weddings are more common in warmer months (the most popular month for weddings is June), and the costs of the wedding can vary, ranging from an average of just over ,000 in Utah to just over ,000 in Manhattan.Those differences can affect how much you get paid and when you are likelier to be busier.Check out our Tools Resources page for more helpful resources, products, and guides for your wedding and event planning business. Our guide on starting a wedding planning business covers all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you.You may also help design and distribute wedding invitations and serve as a kind of liaison and supervisor of the various parties during the actual day of the wedding.In general, the best customers that wedding planners can have are those who are both flexible and realistic.Sometimes, customers may have their fixed ideas of a “perfect wedding” that do not mesh well with their budget or location.Therefore, customers who are realistic about how far their money can go and flexible enough to listen to alternative suggestions make for the best customers.


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