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Homicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24 years old.In 2010, 784 juveniles were arrested for murder, and over 35,000 for aggravated assault.” These numbers point to an increasing problem in our society.... ” ), and worry about the negative effect viewing violence on television will have on their children.

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The following essay will reflect both sides of this argument.Many adults feel that because they watched television when they were young and they have not been negatively affected then their children should not be affected as well.What we must first realize is that television today is different than television of the past, violence is more prevalent in todays programming unlike the true family programming of the past....People believe violent media has no impact in children 's health.But in fact, violent media make violence seem so normal that children start feeling satisfaction when violent acts are being committed....Twenty to Thirty years ago many children spent their time playing outside.Today, children and teenagers invest a lot of their time in television, films and video games, and rarely leave their bedrooms.When children are taught how to do math problems it is because how their teachers show them.With all of the role models how does television affect our children.(Miller 176) Does this kind of overexposure to violence have a significant effect on children and teenagers....[tags: Television Violence ] - Reality Television should be banned we need our American children to flourish and blossom , the ruinous television programming propaganda that is broadcasted will have deleterious effects on our American youth.


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