Triz Problem Solving

The TRIZ methodology starts off by analyzing your specific problem; this is then evolving into a conceptual problem.

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Examples of such parameter contradictions that we would all identify with would include: 1. We use the advanced Innovation Workbench® and Creax software products and combine them with advanced training techniques to apply TRIZ to not only tough engineering and product design contradictions, but also to protection and superior design of intellectual property claims.

Another type of contradiction we frequently encounter is a parameter or property of a system in conflict with itself.

Do you have a problem, process, or product that appears to have an unresolvable contradiction in its design or operation? Can the property be achieved by a mechanism that reacts to an external condition only?

Chances are that this same contradiction has been faced, and solved before, by people in other industries or technologies and you simply don't have the time to follow all the world's literature and patents. Does the property desired need to be there at all times, or just certain times?


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