Topics For A Psychology Research Paper

Similarly, there are many factors which cause stress to an individual like, a new born in the family, loss of job, additional responsibilities at work, financial problems, conflicts with family members or friends, under pressure to perform etc.Based upon the environmental conditions there can be several other factors that can cause stress.

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Advantages with children being exposed to advertisements include, awareness and knowledge about latest technologies and innovations, healthy food and diet options to choose from, inculcating few good habits shown in the advertisements etc.

However, there are more disadvantages and negative effects of advertisements on children: Children become more impulsive to buy the flashy products shown in the advertisements; Children also tend to imitate or perform the stunts shown in the advertisements, their eating habits change and inclination towards junk food increases affecting their health, Children might sometimes misinterpret the information that is being conveyed in the advertisements etc.

Submission of a research paper is part of the curriculum for psychology students in most of the universities.

It becomes important to choose a right topic for the research paper in order to make the paper look effective.

There can be no stress-free life, and all of us have to deal with stress at one or other point in time.

Sometimes positive stress is required to accomplish new goals and achieve better results.

One must select a research topic according to one's field of interest.

Nevertheless some topics i find interesting are as follows:-Relationship of suicidal ideation with personality type-Effect of gender on eating disorders-Effect of reiki on depression-Relationship of insomnia and productivity of work- Dating violence and abuse among teenagers- Pros and Cons of Hypnosis- Effect of different phobias on your personality-Relationship between parental negligence and child obesity-How and why are attractive people treated differently than the non-attractive ones?

You can write about many other effects of advertisements on children by providing few examples and also statistical data and related facts.

There are many factors and reasons that cause depression.


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