Thirteen Ways To Begin An Essay

Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat (or so they say), there is more than one way to write an essay.

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That being said, essay writing, no matter how difficult or lackluster it may seem, is something that everyone can do, even if it takes a little more determination and focus. As a student, especially those who have had to complete multiple essays in their high school years and in grades before that, you have most likely heard a teacher or your parents tell you that you have to Yes, there are writers who can turn nothing into something without having to craft an outline that guides them throughout the process, but if that were you, you would most likely not be reading this right now.

If you are having trouble getting an essay done, here are some helpful tips on how to get around writer’s block or procrastination and get through that essay that you just can’t seem to write. When we don’t feel like doing something, we’ll focus on that feeling and convince ourselves that whatever it is we don’t want to do is something that we can’t do. Take your time, outline the entire essay and your argument, and fill the skeleton in with relevant research and personal opinions.

To target the distraction issue, find a quiet place where you can sit down and write your essay and make sure that they only tab or program you have open is your document, unless you have other research you have to look at while writing.

To tackle the incentive issue, give yourself small rewards throughout the writing process.

The second paragraph, as we have discussed, is the one and only body paragraph.

This paragraph bears the burden of communicating support for the thesis statement all on its own.For some, writing comes easy, but for others, writing can be one of the most unbearable tasks in the world.Those who fall into the latter category often have trouble writing any type of paper, but essays and other school projects are among the worst to these types of people. The key to following through on your essay project and completing it is to ignore the fact that you don’t want to do it and focus on the fact that it needs to get done, no matter how long it may take or how much you aren’t going to enjoy it. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish when you start something and continue with the momentum.The final paragraph in an essay is usually the conclusion. In this essay, the conclusion can be just as long as the other two paragraphs, and it can drive home the point made in the thesis statement and body paragraph.As with most conclusion paragraphs, this paragraph ought to restate the thesis in different words.Another benefit to the three-paragraph essay could be that it requires you to condense your supporting points into just one, which can be a good exercise.If you had to choose only one point to convince a reader to agree with you, what would it be?But that doesn’t mean you can’t fit in some strong evidence to convince your reader to see your perspective, such as is accomplished through quotes and analysis.Don’t forget to end with a strong transition sentence to move the reader seamlessly into the conclusion.To craft a strong introduction, be sure to open with a solid hook.You want to draw in readers so they are compelled to engage with your writing.


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