Thesis Statement On Poverty In Africa

Training for healthcare providers can consist of ways to identify and eliminate bias.Counseling can be of help for those experiencing poverty to reverse negative thought patterns brought on by a repetitive pattern of negative probabilistic thinking.

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The paper concludes by posing the question of whether reducing the intergenerational correlation is an efficient strategy for reducing poverty or inequality.

Because improving the skills of disadvantaged children seems relatively easy, it is an attractive strategy.

Respondents asserted that the most significant problem was access to quality services; bureaucratic systems appear to be devoid of logic and treatment by providers were often unaccommodating and uncooperative (Rudnick et al., 2014).

The thread of these examples is a general lack of critical thinking employed by those designing systems, providing care, or experiencing setbacks.

These may be caused by: Generally poor economic conditions can also be due to temporary causes, which might not result in a "cycle of poverty" if the economy recovers thereafter.

Temporary economic problems can be caused by: A one-time event, whether affecting the economy in general or personal in nature, can push a given person or family into poverty, after which the enter "cycle of poverty" which is difficult to escape.Those that have experienced intergenerational poverty are most susceptible to this kind of learned behavior (Wagmiller & Adelman, 2009).asserted that roughly 35–46% of people who have experienced hardship in young and middle adulthood also experienced moderate to severe poverty in poverty in childhood.Racial segregation can represent a combination of both discrimination and concentration.Generational poverty is poverty that is inherited across generations.Amongst the most popular characterizations of the ongoing experience of poverty are that (1) it is systemic or institutionalized or (2) a person is misguided by emotional challenges driven by historical experiences or (3) a person is affected by a mental disability, or a combination of all three reasons (Bertrand, Mullainathan, & Shafir, 2004 maintained, however, that the system lacks cohesiveness, and is not designed to be an empowerment tool.For example, outside parties are funded to manage the effort without much oversight creating a disconnected system, for which no one leads (Curtis, 2006).Families trapped in the cycle of poverty, have either limited or no resources.There are many disadvantages that collectively work in a circular process making it virtually impossible for individuals to break the cycle.However, judging by American experience since the 1960s, improving the skills of disadvantaged children has proved difficult.As a result, the paper suggests, there are probably cheaper and easier ways to reduce poverty and inequality, such as supplementing the wages of the poor or changing immigration policy so that it drives down the relative wages of skilled rather than unskilled workers.


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