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In fact other studies back up this claim and as such it can be seen that the assumption that gay parents will create gay children is definitely false.

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Outline Statement All societies need a means to harness or control the sexual drives, especially of young people.

In the past, society has greatly encouraged young people to marry and raised a family.

What must be understood is that from a social standpoint the arguments of various religions against same sex marriage do make sense since social stability hinges on maintaining social institutions of which heterosexual relationships are a cornerstone.

Furthermore, if one were to take into account the concept of what can be consider a “moral relationship” then from this standpoint same sex marriages can be considered immoral since they go against what many consider as a moral and responsible union of two individuals (Whitehead, 63 – 79).

It was noted by Rogers and Fossey (2011) that while such problems are relatively minor early on due to a child’s innocence and the fact that the social stigma is not immediately apparent the fact remains that as the child grows older they become more aware of the difference in their familiar situation with that of other families and this, combined with the negative social consequences of having gay parents, at times results in childhood depression and the development of personality traits related to being a loner, becoming anti-social or other similar behavioral characteristics which distance a child from becoming sociable (Rogers and Fossey, 423).

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One of the negative connotations attached to homosexual behavior as well as same sex marriages has been its connection to the supposed spread of sexually transmitted diseases among members of the gay population.In fact it is due to this particular line of reasoning that during the late 1990s it was noted that adoption procedures for gay couples was often harder, more restrictive and met with a greater degree of denied adoption due such institutions fearing for what might happen to the children adopted by such couples (SOLODNIKOV and CHKANIKOVA, 38 – 59).Studies such as those by Solodnikov and Chkanikova (2010) refute this claim stating that based on data reviewing the sexual orientation of children of various gay couples over a period of several years it was seen that such children grew up to be relatively healthy heterosexuals with no negative behaviors (SOLODNIKOV and CHKANIKOVA, 38 – 59).There are numerous argument both for and against it with some citing its possible impact on adopted children, the degradation of society as a result of same sex couples, its affect on religious tolerance and the possible ramifications of social harassment due to many believing that the act itself is against the very principles of nature and evolution.What must be understood is that the concept of same sex marriages is relatively new to society with people still adjusting to the widespread proliferation of homosexuals Same sex marriage can be considered a dramatic leap in legitimizing what most consider an abnormal form of behavior yet it must be questioned whether such a practice should actually be condoned.When examining arguments directly against same sex marriages it is often the case that religious dogma comes up as one of the main proponents against the continued practice of same sex marriages.From Christianity to Islam same sex marriages are considered an affront to what many consider “the natural order of things” with religious texts specifically prohibiting the union of two people from the same sex.(2009) that being a homosexual does not immediately make a person more vulnerable to catching STDs, in fact it was even noted that members of the gay community often practiced safer methods of sexual activity as compared to members of the heterosexual community (Grulich, et al, 1813 – 1817).Thus, when taking into consideration the growing number of same sex marriages it cannot be immediately assumed that such activities will lead to the spread of STDs since it has been proven so far that the risk is just the same between straight and gay couples. Gays, Lesbians, and family Values The Pilgrims Press. Same sex marriages have been described as many things; an affront to God, an inherent right by all individuals, a desecration of the sanctity of marriage as well as an expression of love between two people of the same sex.


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