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This issue has raised strong arguments, and for some people simply to mention 'abortion' is to stir up emotions.In this essay, I will discuss people's attitudes, group attitudes and precedents in law towards abortion.

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In Russia where it is lawful it is used as a form of contraception when women have two or more per year.

Whead covering is this doing to them bodily and emotionally?

There are, however, cases where the rights of the potential mother will be in sufficient conflict with those of the fetus that an abortion could be justified.

The reason for this is that it is not justifiable to destroy the life of someone who can't defend itself (Bohan, pp 34-40).

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Pos and Cons The reason why abortion is such a controversial topic is that every abortion kills a baby.

The issue of abortion is serious and could be considered as one of the largest human rights issues in America today with over 80000 unborn children being killed by abortion annually, even when it is illegal in most of Australia.


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