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T., it is a perennial favorite argument for sports fans and is debated regularly in The New York Times. Or should the Greatest of All Time focus solely on the numbers? Next, they should define their criteria for greatness: Does greatest mean the player you want to be up at bat in the seventh game of the World Series, two outs in the bottom of the ninth? The athlete’s impact within, as well as beyond, the sport? In 2018, the entire Russian Winter Olympic team was barred from competing for doping violations. Are there any aspects of either article that seem weak? For example, “DO: support your ideas with relevant statistics.” Or, “DON’T: assume your reader will agree with your viewpoint.”For students researching this topic, here are just a few of the many related resources in The Times and elsewhere: Should Doping Be Allowed? How basketball is played can vary greatly from state to state. Would it be more fair to incorporate broader cultural accomplishments? debate they would like to tackle: greatest play, season, game, coach, athlete, et cetera. Some of sports’ most celebrated athletes have been caught using PEDs: for example, the cyclist Lance Armstrong, the gold-medal runner Marion Jones, the tennis champion Maria Sharapova and the Ultimate Fighting Championship star Jon Jones. Together, the class can create a list of dos and don’ts for building an argument. Rules are essential for any game or sport, yet they change all the time. They should then prepare an argument to support this proposal.

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While it might not be immediately obvious to all teachers, particularly those who aren’t die-hard fans, sports is also an endless source of inspiration for making arguments and throwing down facts. to taking on current sports-world controversies to proposing rule changes to make a sport or tournament better. All told, he scored at least 60 points 15 times that season, including a stunning performance on Dec. And these three topics are just the tip of the iceberg; at the end of the section, we suggest another 11 current issues in sports for students to explore. Once they find enough compelling evidence, they are ready to assert a claim (or thesis or resolution). Bayne makes the case for why Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, two statistical heavyweights in the sport, should not be inducted into the Hall of Fame: Bonds and Clemens … Bonds has said he didn’t know what was in ointments and injections he received — the “clear” and the “cream” — or that they contained steroids. • What might be the drawbacks or unintended consequences of your game change?

In this lesson, we explore how to use the world of sports to help students effectively develop evidence-based arguments. We end the lesson with a few strategies for bringing debate and argument writing alive in the classroom. 8, 1961, against the Lakers, in which Chamberlain delivered 78 points and 43 rebounds. And we’re confident your students would have plenty more topics to add to our list. Sports and Concussions Sports are often associated with heroism — endurance, toughness, and valor. In small groups or as a whole class, students can debate one or more claims that were generated by students — or the teacher. has the right to demand that its players stand during the national anthem. Bonds insults our intelligence by feigning ignorance. • How might purists or other critics respond to your rule change?

Should the top players of League of Legends be considered athletes? ” Currently, there are 28 summer and 15 winter Olympic sports.

Students might begin by reading the following articles and then designing their own criteria for what is or isn’t a sport: Are Video Games a Sport Born on Sideline, Cheering Clamors to Be Sport Competitive Bridge Is Not a Sport, a British Court Rules The fight over which sports get to be featured in the Olympics sheds light on the continuing societal question, “What is a sport?

The debate follows these steps: Identify the argument; present the argument; restate the argument; discuss opinions; share conclusions; debrief the exercise.

See our lesson On ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: Debating a Proposed Repeal for more details about this format. Is Serena Williams the greatest athlete of all time? Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the Munich Olympics in 1936, broke or equaled nine Olympic records, also set three world records and single-handedly shattered Adolf Hitler’s myth of Aryan superiority; yet his record mark of 10.3 seconds in the 100 meters would today be 21 feet behind Usain Bolt’s record of 9.58. Players are always looking for an edge, but perhaps none is more contentious and troubling than the edge that performance-enhancing drugs provide — steroids, human growth hormone, blood doping. It may be perceived by many as blasphemous, but I have always had a difficult time in equating the demonstrated lack of athletic qualities in winter sliding sports, like bobsled, luge and skeleton, that depend more on technology and less on athleticism with those sports that reflect the epitome of strength, agility, endurance and strategy (nordic and Alpine skiing, speed and figure skating, and so on). argument comes in many forms: Best Game, Best Season, Best Coach, Best Team, Greatest Upset, Greatest Olympian. But how do you decide: Is it the accomplishments on the playing field or is it a player’s greater impact beyond his or her sport? Is Tom Brady the greatest football player of all time? Cheating has always existed in sports: spitballs in baseball; weighted gloves in boxing; stealing another team’s signs. Barney writes: Are there some winter sports that should be dropped?…But if “greatest” means the player who would have beaten all the rest at their peaks, it is hard not to feel a strong pull in Williams’s direction. Research generally begins with asking good questions. Two hundred million hearts in Brazil can beat again. That at least contained more skills than the single shot of a nervous, fatigued individual.Her power serving and her serving under pressure are weapons that no other great player has possessed to the same degree. Athletes: The Definitive List | Babe Didrikson, the Greatest Female Athlete of All Time? Even a topic as seemingly straight forward as sports-related concussions has many layers of complexity. Chile can go home across the Andes, defeated not by two hours of soccer, but by the lottery of shootouts that have their proper place alongside fairground games such as knocking over targets at a dozen paces. No matter what rule they focus on, students should be clear to state the problem with the status quo and support their claim with details.Roundtable Discussion: Students take on the role of experts and engage in a talk show-style debate similar to the discussion format on such TV shows as “Meet the Press.”Tournament Brackets: Students hold a research- and debate-based “tournament” to determine the “winners” of each round, until a final winner is declared.Structured Academic Controversy: Pairs assigned to each position research and then present their argument to a pair that is assigned the opposing side.It is a subjective process, one in which it is always tempting to give too much weight to the great champion in front of you, the one whose victory under pressure is freshest in your mind. But the sacrifice is now being questioned because of changes in our understanding of the impact sports can have on our bodies and minds. No matter what question or questions students start with, research inevitably leads to asking more questions.110 N. Below are a few possible resolutions that students can affirm or negate, with related articles below. Why would he use these substances without knowing their purpose? In “Penalty-Kick Shootouts Are a World Cup Abomination,” Rob Hughes passionately states a perceived problem in the current game of soccer: The penalty shootout is an abomination.What is beyond dispute is that Williams has not been nearly as consistent in regular tour events during her career as players like Navratilova, Chris Evert and Graf. The brain trauma sustained in football and other contact sports is now linked to long-term cognitive impairment, including memory loss, confusion, depression and dementia. While some might say that performance-enhancing drugs don’t enhance the hand-eye coordination that made him great even before he seems to have started using them, they do produce stronger, larger muscles that facilitate quicker reaction times. And these drugs allow for faster recovery times after the fatigue of weight training and aid athletic endurance. But since the Hall opened its doors, baseball has never stopped changing. It reduces a team sport to a contrived tiebreaker that obliges physically tired and emotionally drained players to step up one by one, trudge half the length of the field and try to shoot down the opponent’s goalkeeper from 12 yards.... _________Asking students to question the status quo in the world of sports doesn’t only help them strengthen their argument writing and speaking skills, but it can also strengthen their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Propose a New Sport for the Olympics We have all played or watched sports. What is the difference between a sport and a hobby? Students can begin their research with the following examples: Are Video Games Olympic Material? And if so, would they be in the same class as Le Bron James? Don’t answer too quickly; chess is recognized as a sport in 107 countries. An essential aspect of making an effective argument is the need to be clear and precise in defining terms. (See the full list of sports here.) Did you know life saving is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a sport (though, as Victor Mather writes, “that doesn’t mean it will take its place in the Summer Games alongside venerable sports like track, basketball and synchronized swimming”).


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