Techniques For Problem Solving

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Decision making is a case of choosing between different alternatives.

Decision making is required in response to the question: "Which computer shall I buy?

Many times, what is needed is an optimized solution, which represents the shortest path to overcome the difficulty, with economy of resources.

To find a solution, using specific techniques, what's most important is defining the problem clearly.

This method of abstraction is modeling the problem by taking the core details into consideration, while chiseling away the unnecessary stuff.

Then you solve the problem in an abstract way, before handling it in reality.

In this article, I have compiled some of the best techniques, that have been developed over the years.

Read to get an insight into some radical ways of solving a problem.

Real education is about developing the ability and the knack for solving problems, by thinking independently. Some are well-defined enough and most are complex by nature.

Life is all about a quest to keep finding solutions to these problems, fired at us in succession.


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