Teamwork At Work

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You’re often on your own in an interview, and have to rely on giving examples of your experience to show an employer you’re good at working with others.

If you have an assessment centre or group interview, that’s a great chance to let your team-work skills shine. Which do you think you could work on next time a group project comes up?

can do this together.” Create a project Find opportunities to work in a group.

Then make sure you contribute to the group and help others to get involved.

The better you work with others, the more successful your team will be in achieving their goals.

Teamwork At Work

Employees often need to collaborate or work with others to complete tasks and projects – having teamwork skills and experience will make it a much better experience.Most forms of work with more than one employee involve you working as a team.Team working is a bit more complicated than just being in a group of people getting things done.Even if you work well on your own, using key life skills like self management, being a team player is a valued skill for most jobs.The obvious way to enhance your teamwork skills is to be part of a team!Understand how to work in a team Communication, planning, problem solving and negotiating are some of the skills you will need to develop.Work on these skills and your teamwork skills will improve too!The difference between a good and a bad team is how well they work together.Your team work skills can help you at work in all sorts of ways.You could join a school sports team, orchestra or drama production.You could participate in a school-wide charity event and encourage friends and family to contribute and take part too.


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