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To help ease your children’s minds, eliminate pressure at home because kids are already seeing enough of it from their peers.If your child is struggling with a homework problem or with a subject in school: Stress from schoolwork can become a household epidemic but only if you let it.

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There were parents who, if the teacher was not giving homework at the younger grades, would buy their own workbooks and hand them to their children.

Pope even heard from parents lamenting that they had not seen their children over an entire holiday weekend because they were attempting to complete homework assignments.

Picture this: your child comes home from an eight-hour day of school while you and your spouse return from a long day of work.

You’re tired and your sons or daughters are certainly not going to be focused on homework right after leaving school.

The researchers sought to examine the relationship between homework load and student well-being and engagement, as well as to understand how homework can act as a stressor in students' lives.

Their findings were troubling: Research showed that excessive homework is associated with high stress levels, physical health problems and lack of balance in children's lives; 56% of the students in the study cited homework as a primary stressor in their lives.

What happens next is mom and dad lose patience in their disinterested kids.

Extreme frustration and anger are prevalent on both sides of the equation, creating stress and sadness for the child.

Take a step back, let kids resolve their issues on their own at first and step in only when necessary.

They’ve got enough going on beyond pressure from parents that they need to worry about.


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