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Over the past few months I’ve taken the Paper to colloquia, research meetings, restaurants, and my back porch, as well as traveled with it to Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City, Brooklyn, Lima, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and a ton of other places.

It’s easy to hold and use, shown in action here on the long flight home: The Sony Paper is well-named. Here’s what the Digital Paper App looks like: You can organize documents into folders with the desktop app, so that they are easier to find when using the Paper: It is really a joy to read mathematics on this device.

I’m so sick of being in front of my computer or laptop all the time, but I don’t want to carry around a heavy library of research papers everywhere I go, especially when I’m traveling.

You can’t do full-text search across ALL documents (yet?

), but you can search your full set of documents by title words; for example, here is the document search result I got for “Foisy”: With the (very expensive! ) Stylus you can mark up documents, make comments and highlights, and even mark asterisks and stars within documents that you can search for later.


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