Solving Radical Equations Problems

Solving Radical Equations Problems-74
And the best way to get rid of the 3 is to subtract 3 from the left-hand side.And of course, if I do it on the left-hand side I also have to do it on the right-hand side.

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While this is true, it will not help at all with solving algebra problems.

For the purposes of this lesson, a radical is an algebraic term under a square root symbol.

Problems containing other roots are solved in the same manner.

For example: Because it checks out, we know that 23 is the correct answer.

The only way to know is to check your answer by substituting it for x in the original problem.

In this case, the original problem was √(x - 1) = 4.

For example: It does not have to be a square root; it can be a cubed root, or fourth root or any other number.

The square root is the most common and is what is implied when the radical symbol is used alone.

Substitute 17 in for x, and we get √(17 - 1) = 4, or √(16) = 4.

For this problem, the number 17 works, so we have confirmed it as the answer.


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