Solving Optimization Problems

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One of the oldest and most widely-used areas of optimization is The objective function in this example is 3x y. GLOP_LINEAR_PROGRAMMING) # Create the variables x and y. Num Variables()) # Create a linear constraint, 0 For more Python examples that illustrate how to solve various types of optimization problems, see Examples.Both the objective function and the constraints are given by linear expressions, which makes this a linear problem. There are many different types of optimization problems in the world.

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Below you will find a brief overview of the types of problems that OR-Tools solves, and links to the sections in this guide that explain how to solve each problem type.

As you learned in the previous section, a linear optimization problem is one in which the objective function and the constraints linear expressions in the variables.

Each possible assignment of packages and routes has a cost, based on the total travel distance for the trucks, and possibly other factors as well.

The problem is to choose the assignments of packages and routes that has the least cost.

problem is one in which some or all of the variables are required to be integers.

An example is the assignment problem, in which a group of workers needs be assigned to a set of tasks.

For each language, the basic steps for setting up and solving a problem are the same: from __future__ import print_function from ortools.linear_solver import pywraplp def main(): # Create the linear solver with the GLOP backend. For each type of problem, there are different approaches and algorithms for finding an optimal solution.

Before you can start writing a program to solve an optimization problem, you need to identify what type of problem you are dealing with, and then choose an appropriate — an algorithm for finding an optimal solution.

A special case of this is the Many optimization problems can be represented by a directed graph consisting of nodes and directed arcs between them.

For example, transportation problems, in which goods are shipped across a railway network, can be represented by a graph in which the arcs are rail lines and the nodes are distribution centers.


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