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With a quick induction argument it can be shown that \[ \mathcal\ = s^n\mathcal\ - s^f (0) -\, ...\, - sf^(0) - f^(0) \] What this tells us is that if we have a differential equation, then the Laplace transform will turn it into an algebraic equation.Example \(\Page Index\) Solve \[ y'' y' - 2y = 4\] with \(y(0) = 2\) and \(y'(0) = 1\).We have Proof To prove this theorem we just use the definition of the Laplace transform and integration by parts.

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The comparison of the implemented Maple package with existing methods implemented in other mathematical software like Matlab and Mathematica is also discussed in Results Section.

In this paper, we focused on Maple implementation of an IVP with homogeneous initial conditions, however we also discuss an algorithm to check the consistency of the non-homogeneous initial conditions.

\] Notice that the coefficient in front of \(\mathcal\\) is the characteristic equation of the differential equation. Putting under a common denominator, dividing and factoring we get \[ \mathcal\ = \dfrac .\] To find \(y\), we need to take the Inverse Laplace Transform of the right hand side.

Unfortunately, finding a function \(y\) such that the right hand side is the Laplace transform of \(y\) is not an easy task.

In this paper, we focused on a system of DAEs has the general form (we call A is regular matrix), and the solution of first order system of LDEs is discussed in [2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9].

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Therefore, we focused on a system of the form (1) where the coefficient matrix A is non-zero singular matrix. The following Lemma 1 is one of the essential steps for the proposed algorithm.e^ f(t) \right|_0^ s\int_0^ e^f(t)\,dt = -f(0) s\mathcal\] For functions \(f\) such that \(f\), \( f'\), and \(f''\) satisfy the theorem's conditions we have \[ \mathcal\ = -f '(0) s\mathcal\ = -f '(0) s[-f(0) s\mathcal\] \] We will be using this often.We rewrite the result as \[ \mathcal\ = s^2\mathcal\ - sf(0) - f '(0) \] This process will work for higher order derivatives also.The lemma gives the variation of parameters formula of an IVP for higher-order scalar linear differential equations over integro-differential algebras.(Thota and Kumar [1, 2, 5, 7, 9]) Let obtained from W by replacing the i-th column by m-th unit vector.If it is piecewise continuous, we can just break the integral into pieces and the proof is similar.We have \[ \mathcal\ = \int_0^ e^\, f'(t)\,dt\] \[ \left., of the symbolic algorithm for solving an initial value problem for the system of linear differential-algebraic equations with constant coefficients.Using the proposed Maple package, one can compute the desired Green’s function of a given IVP.Several methods and algorithms have been introduced by many researchers and engineers to solve the IVPs for systems of DAEs.Most of them are tried to find an approximate solution of the given system.


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