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In 1803 he composed a tract denouncing what he regarded as India’s superstition and its religious divisions, both within Hinduism and between Hinduism and other religions.As a remedy for those ills, he advocated a monotheistic Hinduism in which reason guides the adherent to “the Absolute Originator who is the first principle of all religions.” He sought a philosophical basis for his religious beliefs in the Vedas (the sacred scriptures of Hinduism) and the Upanishads (speculative philosophical texts), translating those ancient Sanskrit treatises into Bengali, Hindi, and English and writing summaries and treatises on them.The Brahmo Samaj was set up to fight against the social and religious evils in society prevalent during that time.

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His writings emboldened the British East India Governing Council to act decisively on the matter, leading to the prohibition of suttee in 1829.

Vedanta College in order to teach his Hindu monotheistic doctrines.

The Brahmo Samaj was to play an important part, later in the century, as a Hindu movement of reform.

In 1829 Roy journeyed to England as the unofficial representative of the titular king of Delhi.

It was his firm opinion that English-language education was much better than the traditional Indian education system, and he opposed the grant of government funds to support schools teaching Sanskrit.

In 1822, he started a school based on the Western scheme of education.In his newspapers, treatises, and books, Roy tirelessly criticized what he saw as the idolatry and superstition of traditional Hinduism.He denounced the caste system and attacked the custom of suttee (ritual burning of widows upon the funeral pyres of their deceased husbands).Roy supported himself by moneylending, managing his small estates, and speculating in British East India Company bonds.In 1805 he was employed by John Digby, a lower company official who introduced him to Western culture and literature.Ram Mohan Roy, Ram Mohan also spelled Rammohun, Rammohan, or Ram Mohun, (born May 22, 1772, Radhanagar, Bengal, India—died September 27, 1833, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England), Indian religious, social, and educational reformer who challenged traditional Hindu culture and indicated lines of progress for Indian society under British rule.He is sometimes called the father of modern India.).The central theme of those texts, for Roy, was the worship of the Supreme God who is beyond human knowledge and who supports the universe.In appreciation of his translations, the French In 1815 Roy founded the short-lived Atmiya-Sabha (Friendly Society) to propagate his doctrines of monotheistic Hinduism.When the Bengal government proposed a more traditional Sanskrit college, in 1823, Roy protested that classical Indian literature would not prepare the youth of Bengal for the demands of modern life.He proposed instead a modern Western curriculum of study.


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