Short Essay On Money Can'T Buy Happiness

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These folks spent an average of 7.95 per month to buy themselves extra time.What they lost in currency, they made up for in happiness.

These folks spent an average of 7.95 per month to buy themselves extra time.

If you feel pressed for time, your life satisfaction can be improved by trading money for minutes that you can use as you wish.Whillans and her colleagues found that the people who traded money for time were more satisfied with life than their counterparts who didn’t.They also were less likely to say they felt “time stress,” a condition that was linked with lower levels of life satisfaction.They say money can’t buy happiness, but science begs to differ.An international research team has demonstrated that you really can make yourself happier by paying other people to do your time-consuming chores.They also had more positive feelings (like joy and enthusiasm) and fewer negative feelings (such as anger, fear and nervousness) in the week when they bought themselves time.“Making a time-saving purchase caused improvements in daily mood,” the researchers wrote.“Improvements in daily mood should promote greater life satisfaction.” In other words, they had found a way to buy happiness.While the 2010 study found that three different measures of positive emotion (or lack of negative emotion) saw rapid improvement that slowed to nothing around ,000, it also looked at a fourth metric that continued to rise far after that point.That metric was "life evaluation" — a scale that asks the respondent to rate his or her life from 0, "the worst possible life for you," to 10, "the best possible life for you." It can be thought of as a measurement of how a person judges the success of their own life, rather than the feelings they experience while living it.Just in case their original question was too narrow, the researchers conducted a second survey that asked more than 1,800 Americans whether they spent money to buy themselves “more free time.”This time, half of the survey-takers answered yes.These folks spent between and per month, on average, so that others would handle chores like cooking, shopping and “household maintenance.” As before, the people who bought themselves time were more satisfied with life than those who didn’t.


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