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uses general and personal examples as support to the main idea; (4) stays completely on topic; Needs: (1) transitions between paragraphs would make it read more smoothly; (2) point of view statement should be moved up to the first paragraph; (3) some vague words like “a lot,” Television is loud.

It’s so loud that the only messages you get are the ones the producers want you to get.

One’s destiny is one’s inescapable fate; no amount of personal choice, weighted decision, hard wrought achievement or individual determination can off-set the mighty power of destiny.

Destiny is what happens to you, the ways and means that you meet this destiny are simply that: ways and means of meeting destiny.

I think the mute button is the single most important contribution to the world since chocolate. Maybe in local discount stores where the noise level is so high it’s mind-numbing. Sometimes you have to go to the library or the book store to get one.

I’d like to see the mute button improved quite a bit, though. At the very least, you have to get up to get it, instead of switching it on from your chair. On the most basic levels, we are the same - humans.Takes up so much room in your head you’re not going to pick up other things. All sound recording for television is done with a measuring device that keeps sound at a certain level. Money is the most important thing for television people and for most people.Anything on the chart between point A and point B is an acceptable level according to standards and practices. Commercial sounds are always recorded at the highest possible level, to get your attention. Well, you learn about the world, but only the parts of the world that they want you to see. When you see bad things, it’s because they aren’t making an effort to show you the good things. If you read a book instead of sitting in front of the television screen, you’re only limited by your own interests and desire to learn something.Some are born kings, some are born beggars, some people achieve the greatness that they knew lurked in their fates, some have this fated greatness thrust upon them—although both greatnesses are equally predestined—no human, believing in the fact of destiny, can do anything to avert this same said destiny.Belief in destiny means a belief in that which humans cannot know, a predetermined span of existence that one can only wait to experience; notions of choice or achievement have no place within the fatalistic framework of the idea of human destiny.3 (Ace the SAT Writing Even If You Hate to Write): Done well: (1) uses a relevant quote; (2) clearly states point of view on topic; (3) good use of several vocabulary words; (4) stays relatively on topic; Needs work: (1) a number of punctuation errors; (2) switching between first and third person; (3) too much repetition of word “destiny”; (4) supporting examples are vague. Benjamin Franklin is often quoted because his wisdom was so timeless. The people that I know who are in their 20’s are either in college or are recent college graduates who are trying to find jobs.Soldiers in world war one believed that bullets and “whizbangs” either had your name on them or they did not—you might duck a bullet to die in a blast; you might avoid a blast to be shot by an errant fragment…or you might survive the entire nightmare of war to die, like so many soldiers did, of influenza one year later.As the old saying goes: “when your number is up, your number is up.” One dies when one’s time is done.The idea of having a choice in one’s destiny implies a hand in the forming of one’s destiny—but humans have no hand, have no say, in who we are born to, how we are born, with what faculties we are born with, where we are born and when we come into this world.All these determining factors are put into play without one single choice being given to the human concerned.All of these changes to the world have been monumental and long lasting. These planet altering shifts at the hands of humans are not the only changes that have ever re-dedicated the world. Asteroids hitting the earth cause great craters, holes in the surface of the planet that are as distinct and as indelible as human-created walls and temples.Fires that raged thousands of years ago are still evidenced by their charcoal deposits found cached deep within the very ground we stand upon, changing the chemical make up of this ground forever.


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