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Did someone ever write about their personal life and it was so sad you gave them a higher grade than they deserve? :-) Ok, I'm not really, but no, I haven't.

To answer your third question, we have to average 2-3 minutes per essay with our scoring time, or the system actually flags us and makes us redo some of our training.

Wilson, whose doctorate is in special education, is studying how the use of such software might shape instruction and help struggling writers.

The software Wilson used is called PEGWriting (which stands for Project Essay Grade Writing), based on work by the late education researcher Ellis B.

Following up on this request, I was an SAT scorer employed by Pearson. Frankly, it was a lousy job, because I taught English all day and then went home and scored essays in the evenings.

It wasn't worth it financially, either--/hour for training and /hour for scoring (back then, anyway. Whee.) Which, given that I already had my normal grading load to keep up with, wasn't enough to make it worth it.That said, I didn't do it for the money--I did it to learn more about the essay so that I could help my students better prepare for it. I am no longer an SAT essay scorer, and if I were, I wouldn't be doing this AMA.Even with that, this is still a different account than the one I regularly post with--I had to sign an NDA when I left, and while I think it was only good for four years, I'd still rather be safe than sorry, on the off chance I ever decide that I want to work for them again.Honestly, if you look at the Essay Scoring Framework, it's pretty comprehensive.That's a rather broad question, so I'm not entirely sure what else to answer.~Honestly, nothing sticks out.From The Chronicle of Higher Education article: 'Critics of automated essay scoring are a small but lively band, and Mr. He has claimed to be able to guess, from across a room, the scores awarded to SAT essays, judging solely on the basis of length.(It’s a skill he happily demonstrated to a New York Times reporter in 2005.) In presentations, he likes to show how the Gettysburg Address would have scored poorly on the SAT writing test. But it's also hideously boring, repetitive, and often devoid of creativity.I think it has its place, and the SAT essay is a good place for that.Generally in that time, I'd read each essay twice. " Some students were asking that question at Anna P.


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