Rock Climbing Business Plan

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Maybe it’s challenging, technical route setting for the veteran climbers or adding auto belays for the lunchtime visitors looking to get a fast but efficient workout in.

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They have to balance the books just like anybody else.

In this post, we’ll cover how to develop a business strategy for your climbing gym.

For recreational climbers who stick to indoor climbing, why should they choose your climbing gym over other gyms or fitness studios?

You may have the tallest walls and host the coolest climbing comps, but some people just want a fun, friendly vibe at their climbing gym and yoga classes on the weekend.

Use your buyer personas to create an exceptional customer experience to create long-term success.

Learn more about adding customer value and how it applies to your gym in 3 Climbing Gym Industry Secrets Explained by Auto Belays – Part 3.Once you have your climber personas mapped out, think about how to add value for these personas.If you were to make investments in your gym, what would they like to see those investments focus on?Set your prices too high and you’ll see membership and drop-in rates drop.Set your prices too low and you risk hurting your bottom line.In general, climbing gyms have more elastic demand.How elastic your demand is will be affected by the availability of substitutes (other gyms, other recreation options) and the income of your target audience (higher income will cause demand in your climbing gym to be less elastic).The important thing is to identify what makes your gym unique or the one thing that you do better than all your competitors.Choosing one area to be the best in will also help when deciding where to invest your resources to maintain or grow that advantage.Start with basics like age, income, gender, education level, and location.To add more depth, add climbing style, climbing level, times of visit, training preferences, and other specifics to figure out what makes these climbers tick.


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