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Ferguson wrote in his book, "Would it not be more moral to allow those who do not want to continue their suffering to end the pain, and use the available resources to help those who do want the treatments" (40). If a terminally ill patient believes resources used forcibly to help them would be better used other ways they should have that wish respected.

This process takes a while, so the patient has a lot of time to think through the ramifications of this act.

Ferguson in his book writes, "Legalization may be the best way to avoid the slide down the slippery slope" (79).

Under this act, the patient must have been presented all other alternatives, and they have to make the request verbally and in writing in front of others (Girsh 62).

There is also a fifteen day waiting period before a patient can get a prescription for a lethal dose of drugs, and the prescription can't be filled until two days after the prescription is received (Girsh 62).

Provisions of the Death With Dignity Act are similar to the ethical parameters of euthanasia previously mentioned.

Faye Girsh in her section "Patients Should Be Given More Control over Their Deaths" in the book Terminal Illness in the Opposing Viewpoints series, states these provisions.These rules would make it possible to help end the lives of those who are terminally ill, while not ending them impulsively or without out the consent of the patient.In the United States, Oregon has passed the Death With Dignity Act allowing physician-assisted suicide in the cases of terminally ill patients.Also dealing with the right to die is life support.Though everyone's life is valuable, people who are terminally ill should have more options available so they can deal with their end-of-life decisions in whatever manner they choose or would want without being judged publicly by it.Oregon's Death With Dignity Act is a start in the United States to the acceptance of physician-assisted suicide.Having more options can lead to a more peaceful death of those suffering from painful terminal illnesses.Assisted suicide is defined in Ferguson's book as, "The intentional act of providing a person with the medical means or the medical knowledge to kill themselves" (21).Under some circumstances these practices can be considered ethical.The resources are wasted if they are used on people who no longer want them and can no longer be saved by those resources being used on them. "Voluntary Euthanasia is Ethical." Opposing Viewpoints: Euthanasia. In various cases of withdrawing life support from people who cannot make the choice themselves, some people wanting a person on life support only wanted them on it for personal gain.


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