Research Proposal Topics In Criminal Justice

Research Proposal Topics In Criminal Justice-65
Is there an effort to restore the relationships between the community, the victim and the offender and repair the harm caused by crime?If these simple criteria are not evident in a program, it may not be adhering to a restorative model.

Judges: who are they, from where, and appointed by whom? Prosecutors and Defense Lawyers: adversaries or coworkers? Does an adversarial court system really determine truth?

Police brutality and corruption: can we trust "in-house" control? Has Miranda (reading of rights) really hindered the police?

A study session with your classmates where you exchange ideas is one of the most efficient ways to come up with an interesting topic.

This type of activity will allow you to see the issues you discuss from different angles, which can inspire you.

It is important to develop a set of simple indicators that can be consistently applied across a variety of programs and jurisdictions to ensure that programs are actually restorative.

Does the program actively involve victims, offenders and the community?

The portrayal of crime and violence on prime-time TV and/or in the movies 23.

The development of Modern Crirninal Law...focused on a few behaviors 31.

Lawyers as legislators: expertise or conflict of interest? Consumer crime: social and physical harm to people 63.

Homosexuality and equal protection under the law 61.


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