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From this, not only can hybridization efficiency of DNA be determined, but the kinetics of biochemical interactions can be found to a precise degree as well.

Objective Previous experiments by the Corn Group have found that the direction in which thiol-modified DNA is applied onto a microarray affects the signal intensity of SPR measurements by nearly four-fold.

We will address how to make your proposal approachable and welcoming in our Style and Conventions section, below.

Everything you include in your proposal should contribute to the goal of persuading your potential funding agency that they should fund your work.

The instructions within will tell you exactly how to format and organize your proposal and how to address the needs of the funding agency so that you The audience for your research proposal are the people who get to decide whether or not you deserve to be funded by their agency.

They will be at least somewhat familiar with your line of research, although it is rare that they will be complete experts in your exact research topic (unless you are applying for a very specialized grant).

DNA microarrays created on gold surfaces can be used for a variety of purposes, including DNA-DNA, RNA-DNA, and protein-DNA interactions at extremely small, nanomolar concentrations (1).

The fabrication of microarrays allows for a myriad of applications, including genetic analysis, clinical analysis, and immunoassays.

Before you can begin doing any research, you must obtain funding from a foundation or government organization.

Whether or not you are granted this funding relies heavily on the quality of the grant proposal you submit to the organization; regardless of the quality of research you propose, a poorly written document will get quickly disregarded in favor of those more easily understood.


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