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Further, it unclear if the device is influencing learning or is it simply that teachers changed their teaching strategies because of the device. For example, if teachers use the same strategies with a whiteboard/chalkboard instead of a smart board, would their students receive the same learning benefit?

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One of the main arguments for the massive uptake of IWBs that we have seen in schools is that they can help improve whole-class teaching by adding to the lessons’ visual impact and interactivity (Hennessy and London ) points out, one of the key reasons for the IWB’s successful and rapid uptake by teachers is that it can be placed in a traditional classroom without significantly disrupting teacher-centered classroom practices.

In fact, many have cautioned that the IWB can even reinforce traditional teaching styles because it is so well suited for whole-class, teacher-led pedagogy (Cutrim Schmid ), we observed how experienced physics teachers used the IWB in their lessons.

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To interpret the data, we used the conceptual framework of activity theory.

We found that an entrenched culture of traditional white/blackboard use in physics instruction interferes with more technologically innovative and more student-centered instructional approaches that leverage the IWB’s unique instructional potential.This research suggests that teachers' effective IWB pedagogy impacts positively on the way students talk about science.Seven principles of effective interactive pedagogy focused on enhancing discourse emerged from the action research.However, the unique possibilities of IWBs are rarely leveraged to enhance teaching and learning beyond the primary school level.This is particularly noticeable in high school physics.Additionally, some studies that show an increase in student learning are sponsored by an interactive whiteboard company (Mc Crummen, 2010), which should not be considered, as there is a conflict of interest between the researchers and the sponsor. While both students and teachers enjoy interactive whiteboards, there is little evidence that there is a positive impact on learning. It is recommended that these principles be used with IWB technology to scaffold deep substantial science discourse, which is essential in developing students' scientific literacy.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.Furthermore, we found that the teacher’s confidence in the mastery of the IWB plays a crucial role in the teacher’s willingness to transfer agency within the lesson to the students.In the last decade, the interactive whiteboard IWB has become a widespread piece of educational technology.


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