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Additionally, found that most successful people seem to behave wiser in socially and emotionally, for instance, in the workplace and close relationships (Kang, Day, & Meara, 2005)....[tags: Emotion, Emotional intelligence, Psychology] - Developed by Mayer and Salovey, the ability theory views emotional intelligence as a skill; recognizing it as the capacity to recognize, reason, and problem solve with emotions and to allow the emotions to enhance thinking (Mayer and Salovey, 1990).

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The tests' results say that I am sensitive to the emotions of people around me, and that I know the effect my behavior has on others.

Understanding what causes our moods and being able to manage those feelings is a sign of good emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is important in person's professional and private life, and a high EI will make those areas of life more successful.

The model also proposes that individuals vary in their abilities of processing emotional information and that emotions are connected to cognitions.

Based on this theory, individuals are able to further develop and refine these skills using the four branches of ability, promoting both emotional and intellectual growth (Akerjordet and Severinsson, 2007)....


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