Research Paper Role Packaging Consumer Buying Behaviour

BUYING DECISION: This is the ability to decide quickly and confidentiality on which product to buy, how to buy, where to buy it and when to buy it.

INFLUENCE: This is the power to produce an effect, especially on character, beliefs or actions.

Arowomole and Adeyemi (2004) defined packaging as the general group of activities in product planning that involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.

Promotion on the other hand represents all those activities embarked upon the company to communicate its product merits and to persuade target customers to buy them.

Due to the increase importance which is presently attached to promotional functions of be regarded as “any person” jobs.

Basic characteristics of product: 2.2.2 The role of a product: 2.3. Importance of packaging as a marketing tool: -22-29 2.5. The promotional function packaging could be used to give production favourable: 2.5.2. Formerly, most firms saw packaging as only a container for the physical product without realizing the other marketing importance of the product package especially its importance towards the promotion of the product.

DEFINITION OF TERMS: PACKAGING: This is refers to the general activity of developing a wrapper or container for a product.

SUPPLEMENTARY PROMTIONAL TOOL: This refers to supportive means if including sales other than advertising personal selling, sales promotional and publicity.

SELF SERVICE STORE: These are specialize outlets which he have stock displayed on shelves for customer easy access.

PRODUCTS: This is anything that can be offer to a market for attention, acquisition and consumption and must safety the consumers need.


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