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Stores that are marketing their products in both areas can take advantage of the high demand for online shopping availability.This “is the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital media and the Internet” (Kim & Ammeter, 2008).For those born before the 1970s, “The online market [is] a new innovation for them so they [are] less familiar with online shopping”.since I pay the credit-card account, my wife has little inkling of just how much I spend” confesses a man (Spencer, 2010).Because of the easy accessibility and simple click of a button to purchase goods, shopping addictions could be a serious danger of online shopping.Once the consumer proceeds to checkout, the credit card transaction is completed and the item is prepared and shipped from the retailer to the consumer.Many physical retail stores have expanded their market by using the Internet.Also rising in popularity, are online websites, which allow consumers to sell and purchase to each other.Payment Systems such as Pay Pal have made shopping online much easier.Consumers shopping online exhibit an odd behavior of abandoning their shopping carts instead of proceeding to checkout.This behavior would be very unlikely to see in a physical store.


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