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So trying to monitor the insulators leakage current is significant for Electrical safety.In this paper, the polluted insulator leakage current generating mechanism and characteristics in the operating voltage be analyzed, the actual use of the leakage current on-line monitoring methods and equipment be compared.

This strategy allows for the determination of topology based on the band structure of the normal conducting phase without referring to the quasi-particle spectrum of the superconducting phase.

The authors show that a set of fracton phases emerges in interacting Majorana band models whose building blocks are within experimental reach.

After 15 minutes, the top surface of the aerogel was a mere 45° C, and the flower was only slightly withered.

The aerogel comprises a network of tiny air pockets, with each pocket separated by two atomically thin layers of hexagonal boron nitride.

Spin pumping experiments as a function of Fermi energy in topological insulator-ferromagnetic insulator devices provide a new perspective on topological spintronics wherein spin-to-charge conversion is interpreted using bulk-surface correspondence.

This paper develops the symmetry indicators method for weak-coupling superconductors.Whereas other ceramic aerogels are liable to break down under sudden temperature shifts or extended heat exposure, the new aerogel withstood 500 cycles of rapid heating and cooling from –198° C to 900° C, as well as sitting at a scalding 1400° C for one week.A piece of the insulator also successfully shielded a flower held over a roughly 500° C flame.These building blocks contain an array of open Kitaev chain proximity to superconducting island with Majorana zero modes.By hybridizing the Majorana zero modes and controlling the gate voltage, they find a strongly coupling and the resultant state yields a long-range entangled fracton topological phase whose quasiparticle has restricted mobility.This paper proposes material junctions involving topological insulator materials as a natural and immediately experimentally available electronic platform to realize NH Weyl phases, an intriguing form of dissipative topological quantum matter without a direct counterpart in closed systems.A new, nearly weightless insulation material can withstand extreme heat that would destroy other materials.Based on MSP430 single chip, one facility insulator leakage current online monitoring device is developed.This on-line monitoring device make up of leakage current signal acquisition unit, periodically the leakage current signal into the signal processing unit, the microcontroller to process data effectively, and given the alarm in case of problems, and the data stored by the host computer communication module and communication.Abstract: The artificial pollution tests are implemented on an IEC standard suspension insulator, and the leakage current waveforms and frequency characteristics were investigated under different equivalent salt deposit density ESDD and relative humidity.It was found that the peak values of the leakage current, the total harmonic distortion (THD) and the odd order harmonic components, e.g.


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