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Xiaomi is one of China’s new based enterprise that engaged in the field of technology, such as handphones, portable chargers, camera, fit tracker band and many more.It managed to develop rapidly since it first launched, especially their handphones.Research continues to reveal that it’s better to retain a customer rather than find a new one. When customer service first came into place in the business world, it was in stores. Every customer needs to be treated the same with excellent customer service no matter the business or the age of the customer.

Standing direction of the enterprise and producers, the overriding goal is to pursue the highest profits in consideration of elements such as Capital, technology and customer awareness.

Most organisations are known for the quality of their customer service.

This means that they are known for good customer service or poor customer service.

CRM is a business process that collecting customer information, making customer segments and understanding customers’ preference to develop products and services that can meet customers’ needs.

The aim of CRM is to make more effective interaction with customers and develop a strong customer relationship over time.


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