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In New Zealand, "Religious Education" refers to the academic teaching of religious studies."Religious Instruction" refers to religious faith teaching, which occurs in private religious schools, integrated (religious) state schools or sometimes within Secular NZ State Primary Schools if directed by the individual schools' Board of Trustees.

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People oppose religious education in public schools on various grounds.

One is that it constitutes a state sponsorship or establishment of whatever religious beliefs are taught.

In 2017 around 40% of NZ State Primary Schools carried out religious instruction classes .

There are no officially recognised syllabuses as the school has to be officially closed in order to allow the classes to go ahead.

They feel that teaching religion in school is important to encourage children to be responsible, spiritually sound adults.

In Christianity, catechesis refers to the religious instruction of children and adult converts.The Church Educational System of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) provides religious education for the youth and adults in 145 countries.In traditional Muslim education, children are taught to read and sometimes speak Arabic and memorize the major suras of the Qur'an.Religious or political education, or clubs that promote a specific religious or political group, are prohibited at public schools.In Pakistan, Muslim students must take Islamic studies from primary to higher education.Others argue that if a particular religion is taught in school, children who do not belong to that religion will either feel pressure to conform or be excluded from their peers.Proponents argue that religious beliefs have historically socialized people's behavior and morality.In addition to typical formal education, ISKCON also offers specialized religious/spiritual instructional programs in scriptural texts, standardized by the ISKCON Ministry for Educational Development In addition to regular formal education, a number of religious institutions have instituted regular informal religious/spiritual education programs for children and adults.ISKCON temples have established a number In Japan, there are many Christian schools and universities with mandatory religious education.The subject is optional for non-Muslim students, who can choose the subject of ethics instead.In Thailand, Burma and other majority Buddhist societies, Buddhist teachings and social decorum are sometimes taught in public school.


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