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It seems a bit self-centered to start with human concerns, but pollution has a direct effect on human health.

Water: Chemicals that get dumped into the water supply or run into the water from the surrounding environment lead to water pollution.

With so little of the water on our planet to drink — only about three percent of the planet’s water supply is drinkable, and two percent of it is locked up in glaciers — this could quickly cause a crisis.

Soil: Soil pollution is very similar to water pollution, only instead of contaminating the water supply with waste or chemicals, this type of pollution impacts the ground beneath our feet and the land where we plant our crops.

Light: Humans are naturally afraid of the dark, so we light up every dark corner we can find by setting up electric lights.

Recycle, since it takes much less energy to create a new product using recycled materials than using raw materials.

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Compost kitchen scraps and yard waste, because organic waste in landfills creates gases that contribute to climate change. It's a natural way to insulate, and trees help clean the air and slow climate change.

Particles like this are called suspended particles.

They come from many incomplete burning and can consist a variety of substances. ..air pollutants in one year, and four times its weight in greenhouse gases.

One of the first air-pollution regulations dates back to the fourteenth century, when King Edward I banned the burning of sea coal in lime kilns. But regardless of those efforts, air pollution continues to be a serious local and world-wide problem.

Pollution is the pressure within the air of one or more substances that are harmful to human health, welfare, animal or plant life, or property.


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