Possible Thesis Statements For A Doll'S House

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She illegally borrowed money to pay for a trip to Italy, a trip that saved her sick husband’s life.

She illegally borrowed money to pay for a trip to Italy, a trip that saved her sick husband’s life.Appearance and reality In A Doll's House, very little is as it first seems.

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Deception The reason why there is such a gap between appearance and reality is that the characters are engaged in various sorts of deception.

Often, this is to enable them to enjoy acceptance or approval by others and society in general.

Over the duration of the play, however, the development of Nora's character shows the audience that her ways are only a cover for the emptiness she feels each day.

In the play, we find out that she secretly negotiates a loan with Nils Krogstad, in order to pay for a trip to Italy for her husband's illness and recovery.

His claim appears to arise from his poor self-knowledge and tendency to fantasize about his and Nora's life together.

Dr Rank pretends to Torvald that nothing is amiss with his health because Torvald cannot deal with anything disagreeable, such as death.

The Helmer marriage appears loving, but turns out to be based on lies, play-acting and an unequal relationship.

Krogstad appears to be a bitter, vengeful extortionist until he is reunited with his true love, Mrs Linde, when he becomes more merciful and generous.

The Christmas Tree In the play, the Christmas Tree is symbolic of Nora’s role in her house as the plaything that serves the purpose of adding visual appeal and charm to the home.

There are several elements linking Nora and the Christmas tree throughout the play.


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