Poetry Comparison Essay Plan

Poetry Comparison Essay Plan-10
Both poems use a number of poetic devices to allow us as the audience to recognise with the writers culture.For example ‘Half-Caste’ uses repetition throughout. This may have been used to emphasise the main points in the poem.However, you must be prepared to manipulate the plan to accommodate the essay question you have been set.

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It’s use of _______________ could suggest _______________ This is an effective technique because _______________ This has a _______________ effect on the reader and (creates/adds to) a _______________tone.

This (is similar/contrasts with) ‘…poem…’ which uses _______________ This has a (similar/different) effect on the reader and could suggest _______________ In my opinion ‘_poem_’ is more effective because it_______________ Both poets have used a range of poetic and lingual devices to great effect.

Compare the ways the poets use the titles in this and one other poem. Here you would explain how the title of ‘Nothing’s Changed’ and another poem are important, describe how the layout contributes to the idea that nothing has changed and how the poet has crafted the language to suit this purpose as well.

As you can see the essay plan is nothing more than a general outline but what it does do is it help to ensure you include all of the criteria required to get an A*.

This could have been used to suggest that we must give people our full attention and respect if we are to deserve to hear the whole ‘Story’.

This change in tone is also supported by the last three lines breaking off from the rest of the poem to act as an almost conclusion to the poem.

‘_poem_’ use of _______________ for example “_______________” could suggest _______________ This is effective because _______________ In conclusion both poems are very effective in portraying _______________ In my opinion ‘_poem_’ is the most effective because_______________ This may look daunting but the essay plan is incredibly easy to use once you know how.

Here’s a brief outline of how to use the plan for a question from Cluster 1. The title ‘Nothing’s Changed’ is important in understanding the poem.

Both poems follow a common (theme) of_______________ The poets deal with this (theme) in a number of different ways.

For example _poet_’s ‘_poem_’ uses its structure to great effect.


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