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Moving through the next few steps in The Passionate Photographer, you’ll learn to work your scenes and give yourself options from all the elements below, a shortened structure of the classic Life magazine photo essays.

The above is meant as a guide or starting point should you need it.

There are always new, innovative, and creative ways to present your story.

Short-term projects become a powerful starting point for more comprehensive work, allowing you to delve deeper, showing new and different sides of an issue or theme.

A cast of characters all working together to get your point across.

Instead of proper grammar, you ensure proper exposure.

The blueprint for a typical Life magazine story required eight different types of pictures to ensure photographers came back with a variety of imagery.

From an overall shot, to a medium view, close-up, portrait, a sequence, an action shot, a closer or end shot, and of course, the all-important signature image.

Photo essays have been around for a long time ~ they are a series of photos, sometimes with captions, descriptive and/or explanatory text.

Usually photo essays illustrate something that is more immediately knowable through an image, often by evoking an emotional response, but often also by showing.


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