Parts Of A Scientific Research Paper

In general, primary research articles should be consulted any time you need to get more information about how an experiment was carried out, or if you need to review the original data, which you may want to do in order to base your experiments off their data, or to evaluate for yourself the validity of the authors' conclusions.

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And in a review article, graphs, tables, or figures containing actual data will contain citations in the figure legend to the primary research papers that originally reported the findings.

Primary research articles are typically broken down into six sections: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and references.

A few journals have slightly different formats due to their space constraints or target audience.

The most common alteration is to combine the results and discussion parts into a single section.

It is also wise to read several reviews by different authors for a well-rounded perspective of the field; individual authors have their own biases and you want to make sure you're exposed to as many different points of view as possible before you settle on your own conclusions.

Primary research articles contain the original data and conclusions of the researchers who were involved in the experiments.

The great thing about science is that every time one question is answered, the answer unlocks twice as many new questions.

This means that once you've read the literature and know what people have already discovered, you'll probably be able to see what still needs to be done in the field and use that to design your own relevant research project.

For example, what types of graphs are common to the field? You'll eventually need to know this information to put together a good report or display board to convey your research.

If you're looking at a paper and you're not sure if it is a review or a primary research article, here are a few easy ways to distinguish.


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