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In the second article, the author explains about different quality products that a person can find in a dumpster.They include various types of foods On the other hand, the main difference in the two articles is that while some people dispose garbage without thinking of recycling others find useful thing in the garbage that could otherwise have gone to waste.She further explains the design of different garbage sites which is used to protect the environment from harm by dumping sites.

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Within seconds, he's out of the truck and sticking his magnetized flashlight to the inside of the dumpster's wall.

He heaves himself up onto the metal rim to lean inside and begins digging through a top layer of cardboard and packing materials.

He claims that most pizzas in the dumpster were safe to eat.

However, he warns that some people may contaminate the pizzas intentionally thus be unsafe to eat.

In the end, she explains the dumping sites are located away from people and thus they are cannot see the amount of waste.

In the second article, Lars Eighner talks about how an individual can get good food from dumpsters.

He claims that raw vegetables and fruits are also safe to eat since one can establish whether they are rotten or not.

Eighner also claims that he visited a pizza shop dumpster.

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Matt Malone doesn't mind being called a professional dumpster diver.


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