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Check out these five common workplace pickles–and the Burg-approved strategies for handling them like a deftly persuasive pro.Related: 6 Coworkers Who Could Sabotage Your Career Your inconsiderate coworker uses speakerphone to discuss everything from meeting recaps with clients to dinner plans with her husband; reads your computer screen over your shoulder; and readily jumps into your conversations without invitation.

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The key to getting your coworker to nix those annoying habits hinges on your ability to stay cool.

“Otherwise, you’re not in any position to talk to that person in a way that benefits you,” Burg says.

So before approaching your cube-mate, take a deep breath and promise yourself to keep the snarky comments at bay.

Burg stresses the importance of using a friendly, nonaccusatory tone, saying something like, “Hey, Mary, I’d love to discuss something with you that might make it a bit easier to enjoy our work environment.

But the next time you have a concern, I’d love for you to also offer a solution.”By framing the situation in this way, you’re showing your colleague that you value his perspective, which can lead to more cooperation and collaboration in the future.“This builds something that’s very important in business and leadership: trust,” Burg says.

“That’s crucial because people will do business, refer business, and allow themselves to be influenced by people they know they can trust.” “If you hurt someone’s ego when you’re trying to overcome a situation, you’re going to alienate that person by making her sad, mad, or angry,” Burg says.

But you can work toward an arrangement that satisfies both of you.

Step one is to draw in your grumpy, non-team player with a compliment, Burg says.

Once you’re able to schedule a sit-down, your primary objective is to lay down a rock-solid framework–starting with a statement that acknowledges the company’s current challenges so your request doesn’t seem obtuse.

Burg suggests language like, “I know budgets are tight this year, but I’d like to talk to you about how we still can work within that to justify a raise.”After that, present your manager with a quantifiable list detailing your stellar accomplishments over the past few years.“Be prepared to show him when, where, and how what you’ve been doing has added to the bottom line, not taken from it,” Burg says, adding that this “I” message framework creates a realistic–not self-indulgent–tone that will endear your manager to your cause.


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