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After this, Vice President Calhoun, who was born in South Carolina, wanted to legally resist the tariffs. John Calhoun wrote the “South Carolina Exposition and Protest,” which cellared the tariff null and void in South Carolina.

Nullification was the theory that a state had the ability to declare invalid a federal-level law.

These tensions between the South and those northern states that believed the union must be preserved, were a contributing factor to the cause of the Civil War.

The nullification crisis arose in 1832 when leaders of South Carolina advanced the idea that a state did not have to follow federal law and could, in effect, "nullify" the law.

Southerners however tend to blame their economic woes on the policies of the national government. The Tariff of Abominations was a series of high taxes that was placed on incoming foreign goods.

The South disagreed with this proposal because they thought that the federal government was trying to tax one part of the country to benefit the wealth of another which is the North.

Impact of a State’s Right to Nullification Impact of a State’s Right to Nullification The impact of a state’s right to nullification can ultimately cause a great deal of damage to the country that it resides in.

To describe the impacts one would need to take a look back into history when the Nullification Crisis took place.

The state passed the South Carolina Act of Nullification in November 1832, which said in effect that South Carolina could ignore federal law, or nullify it if the state found the law to be damaging to its interests or deemed it unconstitutional.

This effectively meant the state could override any federal law.


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