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Explain how you've tried to model those same attributes.

Explain how you've tried to model those same attributes.You might discuss how your role model's road wasn't always easy, such as suffering with illness, disabilities or hardships, and how she overcame those obstacles.They are people who someone can look up to for advice in a hard situation, and know that they will give those words of wisdom.

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She told my mom that she never except young singers but she¡¯ll on this time.

Many of us have role models in our lives and to most people role models are athletes and movie stars, but to me a role model is much more.

Admirable Character Traits List some of your role model's admirable character traits -- especially those you witnessed firsthand.

You might discuss her charismatic personality, loyalty, perseverance, enthusiasm, honesty, selflessness or authenticity.

Most role models don't have perfect lives, but they learn to make the best of situations and teach others to do the same.

Long-Term Impacts Explain the long-term impact your role model has made on your life.To me a role model is a person who has positively influenced someone in life, and is not a person filled with selfishness and greed.They help shape someone’s personality, and characteristics. The teachers ask little students who their role model is. The woman who my mom brought me to looked very sharp. I started having private lessons with her who I never thought could be my forever role model. Most of them say police officer, fire fighter or their parents like heroic people. I questioned myself again, again and I had waited for my real role model. My mom was told that I seemed to have special talent on singing so she brought me to someone who teaches singers professionally. I could so tell that she was not and never could be easy person. We started worming up and I sang ¡°Caro mio ben¡± After I sang the piece, there was exactly 5 minutes of silence. Chun was gaping on me and my mom was trying to figure out what was going on. Soon as I started studying with her, I got to know her better. One day, the significant day that made me to confirm her as my role model came. I think of them often and hope to live my life in a similar way.My first role model has been with me since I saw his bronzed shoes in a museum when I was five. He’s a hero to an entire nation because he raced across Canada with one artificial leg in order to raise money for cancer research.For example, you might choose a family member who inspired you to explore a certain profession or a close friend who helped you to conquer a difficult life situation.Explain how your role model challenged you to become a better person.They want someone to look up to, who has good values and a sense of honor and integrity.Most people choose one person to act as their ‘guiding light’ for their life, but I am slightly different. No one is perfect, after all, so I have a few people whose traits or deeds I admire.


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