Mason Dixon Line Essay

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Hollywood likes to portray Southerners as a bunch of Confederate Flag waving hillbillies.And yeah – yeah, those Southerners sure do exist, but the South also produces poets, entrepreneurs, and world leaders.

King Cotton once ruled the Southland, and while the crop may not be as important today, the South’s is still a predominantly agricultural economy.

There are still places where you can drive for hours and see only vast expanses of cotton, peanuts, soybeans, corn, peaches, or tobacco.

Depending on whom you ask, the South is either the best or the worst place to live in America.

And while there are indeed both good and bad things about Dixie, the virtues far outweigh the imperfections for those of us who call the South home.

And not only does the South help shape politics on the national level, it often times leads.

Five of the last eight presidents have hailed from the South.

But you better watch out: some of those little old ladies’ tongues are as sharp as their smiles are wide.

Food and Family are the pillars of Southern culture, and what Mama says goes.

The South is a domain where football is king, and the only question of where you’ll be going on a Fall Friday night is the home bleachers, or the visitors’ stand.

Southern Hospitality is not a myth; sweet talkin’ and warm huggin’ is the greeting of choice around here.


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