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The customs and traditions surrounding these events can be elaborate and complex.

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During this time, each individual prepares him or herself for the future, and the responsibilities that will come, yet during that time they are not constrained.

Thus, barriers that might normally exist between people of different social status, for example, dissolve and each person is regarded as simply another person in the same liminal state.

The solution to this contradiction is for there to be more focus on programs or organizations for men and women to deal with their own issues of a lack of self-development and lack of a purposeful life, so that they could be better examples for the youth.: the solution to the epidemic of serial marriages where many individual marry and divorce multiples times during the course of their life is to change the approach from off-balanced individuals falling in love to the more balanced and stable approach of culturally-centered families forming a mutual bond.

If more marriages were formed between individuals that have both been through the birth and adulthood rites, then more unions would work because both individuals would have a clear focus in life and would also know how to best support the other partners mission.: every Black community that establishes a governing council of elders should also chose a group of local and national ancestors whose life represented a purpose focused on helping (in some way) to build and develop the community.

During the liminal state one's sense of identity dissolves to some extent, as it is a period of transition.

Victor Turner and Mary Douglas developed further theories on rites of passage in the 1960s.According to Arnold van Gennep, rites of passage have three phases: Separation, liminality, and incorporation.In the first phase, people withdraw from the group and begin moving from one place or status to another.Rather, African philosophy from one culture to another agrees that the spirit of the deceased is still with the living community, and that a distinction must be made in the status of the various spirits, as there are distinctions made in the status of the living.One of the most important distinctions is the difference between an older person who dies and who is seen as nothing more than a dead relative, and a respected elder who passes on and is revered as an honored ancestor.There are many situations in which rites of passage are observed.Following are some of the most universally recognized.In the third phase, they reenter society, having completed the rite.The liminal phase is the period between states, during which people have left one place or state but have not yet entered or joined the next.The liminal is part of society, a social or religious ritual, while the liminoid is a break from society.Turner stated that liminal experiences are rare and diminished in industrial societies, and are replaced by liminoid experiences.


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