Marilyn Manson Columbine Essay

It is an impressive way to argue, and if not convinced at very least it will make them entertain a different point of view. I recently read “After a few perfunctory tears for the victims, the media is looking for someone to blame.

The parents, judging from the remarks of state officials, are being singled out as the most likely target for public vengeance.

All of paragraph eight shows appeal towards ethos; talking about the responsibility of freedom, and pointing out “you cannot escape death and you cannot escape prison.” His attempt at establishing ethics may be enough for the open minded, but he has already turned off a good percentage of his audience due to tone and language.

In paragraph four Manson brings in the most identifying phrase in the piece, “Throw a rock and you’ll hit someone who is guilty.” This is such a powerful statement because it opens your ears, because it has a feeling of sage wisdom to it.

He uses personal experience, tone, storytelling, analogy, comparison/contrast, history, and rhetorical questions to support his argument.

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The “Columbine” article came out nearly two months after the shootings in the June 24, 1999 issue of “Rolling Stone Magazine.” It was aimed at an audience of a mostly 25-50 year old liberal demographic that reads the magazine.

It can be the difference between the reader finishing the story, or the writer losing his audience.

“I was dumbfounded as I watched the media snake right in, not missing a teardrop, interviewing the parents of dead children, televising the funerals,” writes Manson, about the behavior of the media in the months after the incident.

This is him once again pulling analogy and tone from his toolkit.

The fact is he wasn’t in any way responsible for the Columbine tragedy in any way, he could have could have operated on a more factual basis for the sake of his argument. The Columbine piece really gets the reader thinking objectively.


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