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As a starter, it is very important to process the record all financial transactions on a daily basis. It will help you in analyzing the financial health of your candle making business.Selecting a proper accounting software is much needed if you are serious in business.Do some market research before starting a candle making business.

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As for example, if you are in the United States, forming a sole proprietorship will cost you less but LLC which costs more will provide you with certain benefits.

After receiving the necessary documents open a business bank account.

In starting a candle making business you will need legitimate business documentation depending on where you want to start the business.

Talk to lawyer, accountants to learn what permits you need to take while starting and running candle making business.

Find reliable vendors of raw materials like wax, color, fragrance and crafts supplies.

Fragrance trends are important as it is often seasonal.

Create a logo and printing materials like letterhead, business cards, catalog and brochure of your candle making company.

You must ensure that each candle you sell has an appropriate warning label on it or you can give each customer a written instruction on candle care and use.

The popularity and consumer demand for scented and decorative candles create a tremendous business opportunity for innovative start-up entrepreneurs.

Firstly, learn how to make a perfect candle by taking an online class or in person from experts as well as visiting the National Candle Association’s website:


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