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The major example through which the themes of loyalty and sacrifice is through George, who is constantly sacrificing his dreams and happiness for Lennie and for his well-being.These themes of loyalty and sacrifice is also Loyal Relationships in Homer's Odyssey Loyalty is heroic.

She didn't marry a suitor until she knew for sure about Odysseus's death.

She told others that once she finished weaving her shroud, she would marry a suitor.

Mildred ultimately betrays Montag when she is afraid of his commitment in books; he attempts to openly spark a passion , keeping them loyal is even harder.

However, this is a very valuable acquisition because it means a lifetime of sales from one customer.

Examples of loyalty can be found in books, such as The Odyssey by Homer.

In this adventurous epic, the most obvious example of loyalty is Penelope who waits faithfully for 18 years for Odysseus's return.Undoubtedly, the assumption that loyalty is a constructive rather than a destructive element in maintaining one society's morality is Loyalty and sacrifice are two of the main themes shown throughout the classic novel of Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck.In this famous work of literature, Steinbeck explores the theme of loyalty and sacrifice.Therfore because Lennie is loyal to George, the amount of power and Brand Loyalty “ Brand loyalty-that certain something that makes a consumer keep buying over and over again-is an elusive quality.It begins with the consumer’s preference for a product on the basis of objective reasons-the drink is sweeter, the paper towel more absorbent.No matter what type of business field an individual is pursuing, a broad sense of knowledge of all the E-Loyalty v Traditional In-Store Customer Loyalty: Has the maturity of online retailing influenced customer loyalty online in favour of offline retailing?Literature Review Natalie Stewart Introduction The purpose of this literature review is to explore the current literature based on customer loyalty towards online stores, also known as ‘e-loyalty’, in comparison to the traditional in-store ‘offline’ method.The brand name is the customer’s guarantee that he/she will get what they expect”(Fisher).As far back as companies go the main question asked when selling their product, how Loyalty is generally seen as a highly regarded human trait.Loyalty has also been a value that supports and expands the story's theme.As an example, Of Mice and Men has a theme of how strength and opportunity can change a person, not always for the good.


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