Logic Math Problems

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2 doors - 1 to heaven and 1 to hell) but still, it's one of the best brain teasers.

There are a few types of logic questions: There are two kinds of people on a mysterious island.

When the game ended, Bob sold half the remaining grilled hot dogs.

If given the information that 10 grilled hot dogs didn’t sell, how many hot dogs did Bob grill before the game started?

In that case at least one part of his statement is true and as it can't be the first one, B must be an honestant, too.

Our gringo displeased the sovereign with his intrusive questions and was condemned to death.And that means that C was right saying B is lying - so C is an honestant. So if A was a swindlecant, then his statement would be false (thus A would have to be an honestant and B would have to be a swindlecant).However, that would cause a conflict which implicates that A must be an honestant.Start with your final answer – 45 hot dogs grilled before the game started. Bob sold one-third of his hot dogs during the first period of the hockey game. Arriving at this solution confirms your logical reasoning abilities.Nicholas Smith has written political articles for Smithon Politics.com, "The Daily Californian" and other publications since 2004.A gringo goes by and asks the A fellow: "Are you an Honestant or a Swindlecant?" The answer is incomprehensible so the gringo gives another quite logical question to B: "What did A say?Put your ability with numbers and problem solving skills to the test with classic brain teasers that will leave you scratching your head in search of answers.How many of the brain bending questions can you answer correctly? The sovereign let the gringo put one question to one guard.And because the sovereign was an honest man he warned that one guard is a Swindlecant. You probably remember the answer from the very first problem on this page, don't you :-) Our gringo was lucky and survived. One made this statement: "We are all Swindlecants." The second one concluded: "Just one of us is an honest man." Who are they?


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