Local Literature In Thesis Library System

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Their appendix, Guide to Considerations for Citation Analysis Methodologies, offers suggestions for defining the scope of a study.Thinking through decisions before confronting a mountain of citations will save the researcher's time and allow for the creation of a consistent, streamlined dataset.For a step-by-step description of the process, see the white paper Parsing Citations using Visual Basic for Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide (Fransen 2012).

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Engineering librarians can decrease the time to fluency by building their own knowledge of what past students have cited in their research and sharing that knowledge with their students.

At the same time, they will increase their credibility with engineering faculty and administration and position themselves for more informed decision-making on collection development.

The results show how literature type and age differ between engineering researchers and computer scientists and their counterparts in humanities and social sciences.

The results also illustrate how particular disciplines within engineering differ in their use of literature and the level to which they make use of the literature of fields outside of their own.

Students returning to school after years in the workplace may know about standards and trade resources used in their day-to-day engineering work, but may not be as comfortable with conference papers and journal articles.

Local Literature In Thesis Library System

Over time, most graduate students will achieve a degree of fluency with the literature they need for their research.The University's College of Science and Engineering includes 11 academic departments and in 2011-12 enrolled 5,046 undergraduates and 2,698 graduate students. A small percentage of students will seek individual librarian consultations during their programs, so the liaison librarian must find creative ways to become familiar with the different types of research occurring in each department and with the kinds of literature researchers and students at all levels will need.Table 1 lists the numbers of faculty members, undergraduates, and graduate students for the departments included in the study. By reviewing the bibliographies of dissertations and theses completed in the recent past, the author sought to answer these research questions: Citation analysis is the process of gathering citations from a set of source documents, separating each into its component parts, and aggregating those parts to highlight trends in material type, journal title, age, or other factors.The study also revealed that each institution's collection included the vast majority of citations by authors from that institution.The authors argue that this finding may just as easily indicate researchers' over-reliance on the local collection as it indicates the quality of the collection.Even when the stated objective of a citation analysis study is to inform collection development, the effort often results in improvements to user services.Kirkwood (2009) was able to demonstrate the need for more funds to purchase monographic materials for civil engineering students, but also found that the training and experience graduate assistants gained while collecting the data made them more effective at the reference desk.They found that the composite list was quite different from each individual list.While bolstering the contention that local citation analysis is necessary to understand the practices of local researchers, this finding demonstrates that single-institution citation analysis studies cannot necessarily be generalized.As a liaison librarian for Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics (AEM), Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), and Computer Science & Engineering (CS), I began this project as a means of determining what new graduate students most needed to know about the literature of their fields in order to provide more effective instruction and user services.I analyzed citations from the bibliographies of dissertations and theses from those three departments published over a three-year period.


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