Literature Review On Recruitment And Selection

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This study is an attempt to analyze the expatriate factors and other factors through the content analysis method. Electronic Human Resource Management: Transformation of HRM, Vol.26, Issues: 3, pp. 931-966 Don Boyd., Hump Lankford., Susanna Loeb., Matthew Ronfeldt., and Jim Wyckoff. The Role of Teacher Quality in Retention and Hiring: Using Applications to Transfer to Uncover Preferences of Teachers and Schools. Literature review of Recruitment and Selection in International Human Resource Management Introduction Staffing is one of the main functions on Human Resource Management, refer to International Human Resource Management perspective, staffing will be more important on the managing by the headquartered company to their subsidiaries in order to gain more competitive advantage for them.

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Social Implications: Highlighting the significance of various recruitment practices results in the selection of the right person in the right job, which enhances a healthier working environment in organizations, in turn rendering high quality products and services to the society. Recruiting a probability sample for an online panel: Effects of contact mode, incentives, and information, The Public Opinion Quarterly, Vol.

Originality of the study: Prior research has studied various factors that influence internal recruitment, external recruitment, and selection process. E-recruitment: Towards an Ubiquitous Recruitment Process and Candidate Relationship Management.

The ultimate goals of knowledge management in a strategic, innovative, and operational level of decision making is the achievement of greater awareness of the interactive role of science, engineering, and technology towards businesses’ success, as well as the development of flexible organizational structures that encourage entrepreneurial creativity, structural flexibility, and managerial change.

In the present study, the determining parameters of employees’ recruitment and human resources’ selection are presented in a literature overview, while the inclusion of a Case Study –being based on an innovative-oriented pharmaceutical company– reveal this company’s prominent role of indentifying new markets and opportunities that might emerge and then choosing to respond to these long-term visions by activating its competitive advantages in a Management-Technology-Strategy tripartite pattern, rather than being forced into action by competitors.

Realizing the importance of international recruitment and selection for the business world, researchers have contributed a lot in the Literature on this important issue of International Human Resource Management.

This paper presents a critical review of some recent academic articles and research studies from the Literature on International Recruitment and Selection in the light of internationally accepted Human Resource Management theories and models.Maral Muratbekova-Touron (2008) stated that “One of the main issues facing the development of the global companies has always been to find the right Overall Ethnocentric approach implies a centralized system with authority high at headquarters with much communication in the form of orders, commands, and advice.Standards for evaluation and control will also be determined centrally and with low pressures for cost reduction and low pressure for local (subsidiary) responsiveness.Design/methodology/approach: Content analysis method is adopted to review the literature and subcategories were formed to analyze the research. Literature was collected from 40 articles of a reputed journal from 2010 to 2018. In effect, these businesses adopt and develop contemporary processes for their employees’ recruitment and selection, in order to ensure increased productivity and effectiveness in a liquefied economic environment.The development of appropriate schemes of selection and recruitment, in line to the ongoing and in-field investment of education, skills and training, are determining factors to the prosperity of manufacturing industry.Nowadays many businesses have been focused on the recruitment and selection of the appropriate employees, in order to deploy their entrepreneurial activities.Besides, on the employees’ behalf, the increased competitiveness in a worldwide level of analysis necessitates that all employees to be facilitated with advanced capabilities throughout the organizational hierarchy.Purpose of the study: The main purpose of this study is to provide a new, macro-level model of strategic staffing to bridge the gap in the knowledge regarding how practices within recruitment and selection systems can work to provide a competitive advantage among various sectors. This study identifies the various methods of recruitment and selection process through a systematic review of literature, which would be the right fit for attracting and selecting employees in an organization.


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